Local leaders discuss hearing on Pittsburgh's proposed gun legislation

Local leaders discuss hearing on Pittsburgh’s proposed gun legislation

Gun Rights

Mayor Bill Peduto said he wanted a more diverse panel Pittsburgh’s proposed gun legislation has drawn both praise and criticism. On Tuesday night, a hearing caused a bit of a stir, with some calling it one-sided. Pittsburgh Councilwoman Darlene Harris called for and organized Tuesday night’s postagenda meeting to get more information surrounding the proposed gun legislation. Harris invited six people. Each person’s testimony indicated they were against the law for one reason or another. Harris said her office spent $800 for Dr. John Lott’s travel from Philadelphia. She was told he was an expert but did not know that he was the author of a book called "More Guns, Less Crime". Mayor Bill Peduto said he wanted a more diverse panel but said it is within an individual council person’s right to invite whomever they would like to these hearings. "Wished that council would have had a more diverse panel. Everybody who was asked to participate opposed the bills, and I think it would have been more informational for council if they had some of the organizations that supported it, some that were neutral and some that were opposed," Peduto said. Harris said she wanted viewpoints from local state, and federal at the postagenda meeting and said she does not think that City Council has the authority to pass the legislation.

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