Local sheriffs’ react to second amendment legislation

JEFFERSON CITY – Mid-Missouri Sheriffs are reacting to a bill they say is well-intentioned but could have "unintended consequences." The bill in reference is House Bill 85 , which is titled the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.” The bill was sponsored by Rep. Jered Taylor (R-Republic). According to the Columbia Missourian , the bill states that any federal gun law or act deemed to infringe on Missouri residents’ right to keep and bear arms in accordance with the Second Amendment cannot be enforced by state law officers. In a press release sent out through Facebook, Moniteau County Sheriff Tony Wheatley said he had concerns about some of the language in the bill. "These well-intended bills with their current language are very worrying to law enforcement agencies across the state," the statement said in part. One of the parts of the bill which concerned Sheriff Wheatley – the provision that individual officers could be fined and removed for violating a defendant’s first amendment rights by participating in the confiscation of firearms – was removed from the bill before it was passed in the House Wednesday. Now, if an officer is found to be violating a "law-abiding" citizen’s second amendment rights, the law enforcement entity he works for could be fined up to $50,000. As defined by the bill, a law-abiding citizen is anyone who isn’t already prohibited from owning a firearm. In Cole County, Sheriff John Wheeler said he’s in support of the bill, but shared concerns with Sheriff Wheatley that […]

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