Longtime S. Carolina senator reflects on election loss

Glenn Reese may have lost his re-election bid after 30 years in the S.C. Senate, but some say Spartanburg County is losing one of its biggest advocates. “It’s Spartanburg’s loss, and it’s a big loss,” said former State Rep. Brenda Lee Pryce of Spartanburg, who worked with Reese in the legislature for many years. “He worked across party lines, not just for the Democrats, but his constituency base.” The popular owner of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Spartanburg and Anderson, Reese has built a legacy and made many friends over the past few decades. He has no plans to run again, but said during an interview Tuesday he plans to write a book about his life and devote more time to the money-making doughnut franchises. ONE FEWER DEMOCRAT Reese and Pryce are among the few Democrats to have represented the heavily Republican Spartanburg County. Pryce was succeeded by Democratic Rep. Harold Mitchell, who has since retired. Reese lost Nov. 5 to Republican Josh Kimbrell, who was sworn in as Reese’s successor Monday. During the campaign, Kimbrell accused Reese of not being conservative enough for a Republican-majority district. He also accused Reese of being anti-Second Amendment, which Reese vehemently denied. “I support the Second Amendment and have a South Carolina (gun) permit and an out-of-state permit,” he said. Reese said that may have cost him support, along with many who voted a straight Republican ticket. Kimbrell said he had many policy differences with Reese but holds no grudges. “I appreciate his […]

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