Louisiana bill seeks to loosen gun laws at schools

Louisiana bill seeks to loosen gun laws at schools More A 59-to-36 vote in the the Louisiana House of Representatives on Wednesday advanced a proposed change in the state’s gun laws. The bill would allow people with a conceal carry permit to bring guns onto school and university campuses statewide. HB 620 is authored by Rep. Blake Miguez, R-Erath. Miguez said the bill is focused on protecting people’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He said it is not about putting guns in every classroom and therefore excludes teachers, school administrators and students. Miguez said the bill would allow visitors to schools and universities with a conceal carry permit to legally carry their weapon within schools’ gun-free zones. But many parents and grandparents in New Orleans who were asked about the bill Thursday reject the idea as an unnecessary danger. “I think we have more rights to demand that we have life rather than death. I see no need to have weapons anywhere near a school, in any fashion,” said Joe McMurray. Gavin Chachere is a firearms instructor at The Shooting Club in Harahan. He said the permitting process requires training, a test and background check. “You can’t be a felon. You can’t have convictions for domestic violence or any kind of adjudication for mental illness or history of mental illness like that and still, it’s ultimately up to the state,” Chachere said. According to Louisiana State Police, 204,625 conceal carry permits have been issued to residents […]

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