Mailbag: Gun laws suppress lawful gun owners

RE: “This is real history in making,” Stan Hall, Aug. 24, Democrat-Herald — Mr. Hall accuses me of not backing up statements on the Second Amendment, and he has cited a law professor, Adam Winkler of the University of California. Prof. Winkler claims gun control has always been a part of the Second Amendment … So what does that have to do with my previous letter Mr. Hall appears to rebut, wherein I argued against Robert B. Harris’ claiming the main reason the Second Amendment was enacted was to ensure suppressing Black people? These are two totally different subjects, Mr. Hall. And accusing me of not citing sources? Just put “Second Amendment” into the search; you will see plenty. You would do better by researching the thoughts of our forefathers on the right to bear arms. That would clearly show the mindset of those patriots who had just finished fighting for independence from a tyrannical government. A tyrannical government like you see now forming in Afghanistan to rule the Afghan people. As for endless gun laws: Present gun laws do nothing to suppress criminals. They suppress lawful gun owners. Gary Hartman

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