Mailbag: Second Amendment not about hunting

Dr. Harris’ letter of May 2 (“No one’s rights would be violated”) contains misleading statements. He can be partially forgiven because his ideas are born of compassion for fellow humans. First, he asserts that 5 million people own the majority of guns. I’ve responded to enough rigged surveys to doubt the results. In the ‘50s and ‘60s, I couldn’t name a single house without firearms. Yet it was well into the ‘70s before I heard of a mass shooting, thus lending merit to the idea that it’s not hardware, it’s society’s moral values that cause violence. Second, he suggests shootings are underreported. The May 2 DH reported three shot in Wisconsin. Not one word about traffic, COVID or other deaths in Wisconsin. If anything, gun deaths are over-reported. If preventing death is the goal, why are autos legal? They are licensed and insured. Still, they cause thousands of deaths. There is no constitutional protection for automobile ownership. Third, he seems to believe that the Second Amendment is about hunting rights. Wrong! It’s about preserving liberty and the individual being able to defend themselves. Jan. 6 was a perfect example. The president attempted to overthrow the legal government. The problem was, the wrong side was armed, the result of decades of promoting the idea that hardware is evil. Finally, if we believe in the rule of law and the Constitution is the supreme law, how can we expect others to abide by the rest of the Constitution if we ignore […]

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