Mark Cuban needs Constitution ‘Shark Tank’

Gun Rights

As a businessman and personality, entrepreneur Mark Cuban is somewhat tolerable. Like many, however, he needs a “Shark Tank”-type schooling in American history and constitutional civics. Last week, Cuban, who’s been teasing a 2020 run for president, offered yet another hackneyed Democrat proposal to rewrite the Second Amendment out of our Constitution and our history. His three-pronged plan is: First, the Constitution be rewritten to state that every American citizen has the right to own a firearm; second, the federal government can never confiscate legally owned firearms; and third, states should have the right to oversee and manage how restrictive or, ahem, liberal gun laws should be. I say “liberal” because our Founders were America’s original liberals; I rarely call Democrats liberals because, well, do most Democrats remind you of Washington or Jefferson? I doubt Cuban has ever read the one-sentence text of the Second Amendment – a sentence deliberately kept terse. The more words, the fewer our freedoms to exercise our rights. When I analyze Democrat rhetoric and propaganda, I employ a “bull dung” meter which gauges two possibilities: does the Democrat actually believe, or not believe, the “bull dung” he or she is peddling? This is the principle that has guided my narrative that “socialists,” Democratic or otherwise, don’t really believe in the socialism they espouse. They love money and capitalism as much as anyone else. In Cuban’s case, my sense is that he believes the cr*p he says. The only Democrats who frighten me more than […]

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