Martha McSally’s attack puts spotlight on Gabrielle Giffords shooting, Mark Kelly’s gun-safety advocacy

Martha McSally’s attack puts spotlight on Gabrielle Giffords shooting, Mark Kelly's gun-safety advocacy

PHOENIX – A show-stopping moment during last week’s Senate debate between Republican Sen. Martha McSally and her Democratic opponent Mark Kelly came when the senator accused Kelly of having a part in a "radical political organization" tied to the "extreme left" fringe of the Democratic Party. Without explaining the nature of the group or naming it, McSally charged that Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut who is running as a moderate Democrat, had been “a political operative for a decade … Some of the most extreme, left-wing candidates in our country running for office, bankrolling them, endorsing them.” Pressed to explain her attack, McSally punted to her rival. “I think he knows,” she said, adding the group “has raised $57 million.” Kelly responded that McSally was talking about Giffords, the national organization that is named after his wife, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and was formed to end gun violence. "Gabby was injured, shot in the head, in 2011," Kelly said. "The issue of gun violence is personal for Gabby and me, and I’ll never forget what she went through for that year and a half. In the hospital for six months, a year of significant rehab … So we formed an organization to try to make communities, and help communities become safer from gun violence." Kelly, a gun owner, noted his support of the Second Amendment, saying “Our rights and traditions are so important … But we can never let a bunch of kids in the classroom get killed and […]

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