Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signs ‘red flag’ gun bill into law

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signs 'red flag' gun bill into law

Gov. Charlie Baker signs the ‘red flag’ gun bill into law on July 3, 2018.( BOSTON — Massachusetts on Tuesday became the 11th state to adopt a "red flag" law, allowing someone’s gun to be confiscated if they pose a risk of harming themselves or someone else. Gov. Charlie Baker signed a law establishing a process for judges to issue extreme risk protection orders. Massachusetts already has some of the nation’s strictest gun laws. Baker, a Republican, said Massachusetts is now the only state to have both banned bump stocks, which are devices that make a gun shoot faster, and passed a red flag bill. "Even in a state like ours, which has made tremendous progress on this issue, when there’s more to do, we do it," Baker said. Rep. Marjorie Decker talks about red flag gun bill Under the new law, which goes into effect in 45 days, if a family or household member believes someone poses a risk to themselves or someone else, they can petition a District Court judge to immediately suspend that person’s gun license and temporarily confiscate their weapons. Within 10 days, the judge will hold a hearing, and the person will have a chance to argue whether the protective order should be extended for up to a year. The ruling could be appealed and could be modified based on a request by either party. There are penalties for violating an extreme risk protective order and for filing false statements to harass someone. Supporters […]

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