Massachusetts Senate passes ‘red flag’ gun bill

Massachusetts Senate passes 'red flag' gun bill

Great Mills, Md., High School students, with alumni and parents, join the March for Our Lives rally to demand stricter gun control laws, on March 24, 2018, in Washington, D.C. (Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun/TNS)( BOSTON — The Massachusetts Senate on Thursday passed a bill on a voice vote creating a method for a family member to have someone’s guns taken away if the person poses a danger to themselves or others. Sen. Cynthia Stone Creem, D-Newton, who sponsored a version of the bill, said it is "heartbreaking" to consider these policies, but necessary because of the fear children face from gun violence today. "We did not imagine when we went to school that an unstable person with access to weapons would change the course of our lives forever," Creem said. Senate President Harriette Chandler, D-Worcester, said the bill provides a framework for removing weapons from the hands of someone who may use them for harm. "It will reduce the risk of suicide and murder, and will encourage distressed people to seek the mental health treatment that they may need," Chandler said. "But perhaps most importantly, this bill gives family members the tools and confidence to help their loved ones in extremely tense and emotional situations." The House already passed a version of the bill. The Senate voted on the House version but added several of its own amendments. It will be up to House leaders whether to agree with those amendments or send the bill to a committee of […]

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