Meet The Tulsa Cop Who's Become The Gun World's Woman In Washington, D.C.

Meet The Tulsa Cop Who’s Become The Gun World’s Woman In Washington, D.C.

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Dianna Muller became a competitive shooter in 2009 and retired from the Tulsa police force in 2014 to pursue the business full-time. “They say we love our guns more than we love babies,” said Dianna Muller, one of the top shooters in the United States. “Do we seem like that to you?” One of a new generation of gun rights advocates in the U.S., Muller assures a listener that she’s not political. That depends on how you define politics. A former Tulsa, Okla., police officer, Muller is one of the few competitive shooters to make a living from the sport. With an NRA World Championship to her name, she has sponsorships from Benelli, F1 Firearms and 5.11 Tactical, among others. And once a year, she turns into one of the guns world’s most powerful spokespeople, when she comes to Washington, D.C. as the head of the D.C. Project, which she founded. The effort was born in 2015, when she and her husband were visiting the area. “We had shooting matches on bookend weekends, which allowed us to be tourists for a couple of days,” she wrote. A friend offered to set up a meeting with Oklahoma Congressman Steve Russell. “I agreed with zero interest in being the advocate I’ve become! It was during that meeting that I asked, ‘is there something we (pro shooters) should be doing to reach out and educate our legislators?’” The Project, partly funded this year by a $25,000 GoFundMe campaign (about $5,500 has been […]

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