Memorial Day reminds us that our freedom didn’t come cheaply

Memorial Day reminds us that our freedom didn't come cheaply

For many Americans, the Memorial Day weekend means a backyard cookout with family and friends. Some head to the beach or to a neighborhood park. Others, recalling the meaning of the holiday itself, visit the graves of fallen soldiers, bearing flowers and wreaths. Some salute individuals they never met, while others mourn the loss of a personal hero. The list of possible activities could go on, but ask yourself: What do they all have in common? Simply this: It’s your decision how you mark Memorial Day. Because you are free. And if there’s one thing that Memorial Day reminds us, it’s that our freedom didn’t come cheaply. Many Americans gave what President Abraham Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion” so that liberty could continue to ring from, yes, sea to shining sea. It’s all too easy, especially for those of us blessed to have grown up in this great land, to take our liberty for granted. We forget that freedom isn’t free. It must be paid for, and not just once. Again and again, Americans have stepped forward in a moment of crisis and put their lives on the line. They fought in the American Revolution – both in the heat of summer and in the dead of winter, when snow blanketed the ground, supplies were low, and the outlook was bleak. Our patriots prevailed, but the struggle for freedom didn’t end there. It has played out on many other battlefields in the years since. Antietam and […]

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