Mercer County becomes a ‘sanctuary county’ for firearms

Mercer County becomes a 'sanctuary county' for firearms

ALEDO, Ill (KWQC)- Mercer County Board Members unanimously passed a resolution to make the county a sanctuary county for firearms. The resolution names five House and Senate Bills that are all at different stages in the Illinois State Legislature that restrict firearm usage and ownership. Some, create age limits on ownership and limit magazine size. Mercer county is now the 30th Illinois County that is a sanctuary for firearms. The movement started in Effingham County. Board members in Mercer County say passing the resolution is a symbolic way counties are banding together to tell the state legislature they stand with their Second Amendment rights. "It is a message that the people here want to send saying we don’t want Chicago and Springfield telling us what to do with our Second Amendment," said Board Member Brian Anseeuw. "It is guaranteed in the Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Illinois." Mercer County Sheriff Dave Staley also stood up and spoke at the meeting after the resolution was passed. He, along with other board members, agree that residents should be able to carry and own firearms if they are law abiding citizens with no history of mental health issues. Read the full resolution below. GUN SANCTUARY: Mercer County board will vote to approve this resolution to make the county a “gun sanctuary county.” @kwqcnews — James Stratton (@JamesStrattonTV) July 5, 2018

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