Metcalfe vows to hold June rally upholding gun rights

Rebelling against a cancellation of events at the state capital, state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-12th, pledged to hold a planned Second Amendment rally in June on the steps of the capitol. In a Wednesday letter to Gov. Tom Wolf, Metcalfe said the governor’s mandates were unconstitutional and a violation of Pennsylvanians’ rights, giving, in his view, more weight to the 2020 event’s theme of “Stand Your Ground Against Socialism.” “Your incompetence and callous disregard for your fellow man give this year’s theme of ‘Stand Your Ground Against Socialism’ even more substantive significance,” the letter read. “Your unconstitutional dictates and Orwellian overreach into our lives and the marketplace has caused immeasurable harm and hardship for far more Pennsylvanians than the virus.” Metcalfe has said he will introduce a resolution calling for Wolf’s impeachment, as he has also done for Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto in 2019 and former state Attorney General Kathleen Kane in 2013. “As the prime sponsor of an impeachment resolution to bring about your removal from office, let me begin the people’s response by saying that we do not need your permission to freely exercise our Constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and denounce your tyrannical regime,” Metcalfe said in the letter.

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