Missouri bill to nullify federal gun laws advances as Biden orders regulations

Missouri is a step closer to allowing guns on buses and declaring federal firearms laws “invalid.” A state Senate committee Thursday advanced two gun rights expansion bills to the floor. Both have already passed the House. The bill allowing concealed-carry permit holders to bring guns onto public transit is opposed by Kansas City transit officials and Mayor Quinton Lucas. The other bill, an annual proposal, would nullify federal gun laws and regulations, including those that require fees, registration or tracking of guns. It would bar police in Missouri from enforcing those rules and allow those who believe their Second Amendment rights have been violated to sue local law enforcement for $50,000. Being brought up on the Senate floor would be the closest the proposal has gotten to passage in years — and it may be spurred on by new federal gun control actions announced Thursday by the Biden administration, which have angered Republicans. The bill, known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act, passed both chambers overwhelmingly when it was first introduced in 2013, then narrowly failed an override of then-Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto. Since then it has been proposed each year, part of a wave of conservative efforts to carve the state out from what they call intrusions from the federal government. Rep. Jered Taylor, a Republican from Republic who sponsored it this year, has seized on turnover in the White House to urge for its passage. “We’ve never had a president who’s been so openly against our Second […]

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