Missouri lawmakers pass ban on enforcement of federal gun laws, sending bill to Parson

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson will decide whether to prohibit state and local police officers from enforcing a host of federal firearms restrictions after lawmakers on Friday approved a ban long sought by conservative gun owners fearful of future overreach by liberal politicians in Washington. Gun registration requirements, firearm tracking rules and limits on certain people having guns — all of it would be “invalid” in Missouri under the sweeping Second Amendment Preservation Act. The bill is the culmination of a nearly decade-long effort by Missouri Republicans to mollify concerns among gun owners that the federal government in the future will confiscate firearms or severely limit them. President Joe Biden’s election set off a new wave of fears, even as gun control advocates have been unable to pass even modest restrictions in recent years. “We are doing this bill because the Second Amendment is under attack. It’s under attack by the Democrats, specifically the Biden administration and the Democrats in Washington,” Rep. Jered Taylor, a Republic Republican. The House passed the bill 111-42 on Friday after the Senate passed it 22-10 Thursday night. Critics said the measure would prevent police from partnering with the federal government on violent drug-or trafficking-related crimes, and that it violates the U.S. Constitution. Missouri had the third-highest per-capita rate of gun deaths in the nation last year, when 689 people were shot and killed across the state. It was likely the deadliest year ever for gun violence in Missouri. Rep. Peter Merideth, a St. Louis […]

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