Mo Brooks’s CNN interview shows how detached from reality Trump’s GOP has become

Mo Brooks in December 2015. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is totally supportive of President Donald Trump’s border wall, including the possibility that Trump will declare a national emergency in hopes of building it without congressional approval. But during a CNN interview on Friday, Brooks revealed that his position, like Trump’s , isn’t rooted in the facts. Over the course of a number of heated exchanges with host John Berman, Brooks flatly denied data and research undercutting claims that are central to the case he and the president are making on behalf of the wall. Brooks, echoing claims Trump made during his factually challenged Oval Office speech on Tuesday night, argued that a wall along the southern border is needed to prevent drugs from entering the country, as well as to prevent crime committed by undocumented immigrants. But host John Berman pushed back — with receipts. “Yes, the predominant amount of heroin does come over the southern border, but the vast majority of it comes at ports of entry,” Berman said. “Number two — you said, ‘There are those people who died at the hands of undocumented immigrants.’ Let me put up this chart.” Berman’s producers displayed the following chart, which, using data from the libertarian Cato Institute, shows that undocumented immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than native-born Americans. (The Cato study is far from the only one to arrive at this conclusion .) “The crime rate among undocumented immigrants is actually less than—” Berman continued. But before he […]

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