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Gun Rights

California’s strict gun laws have been landed in jeopardy after a judge threw out the decades-old ban on high-capacity magazines, sparking a "buying frenzy," a new ban and another court battle. US District Judge Roger Benitez ordered a halt to the sale of magazines holding more than 10 rounds in California until the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decides whether to reinstate the state’s ban on them. The ‘window’ for buying magazines opened last week when the same judge overturned some of the state’s tough gun control laws. The media reported a "buying frenzy" of high-capacity magazines during that brief time period, with manufacturers and suppliers promoting discounts and urging everyone to buy 17-round and 30-round clips. This led the state’s attorney general to warn that companies were trying to "flood" the market with previously illegal pieces of firearms. California banned selling and buying high-capacity magazines in 2000 but people were allowed to keep the ones they already had. This continued until 2016 when Californians approved the ballot initiative ‘Proposal 63,’ which outlawed the possession of such magazines as well. The new measure was prompted by the San Bernardino shooting that happened a year before, claiming the lives of 14 people. On March 29, Judge Benitez effectively struck down both laws, arguing that the prohibition on owning high-capacity magazines "hits at the center" of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms. Few would say that a 100- or 50-round rifle magazine […]

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