‘Moms Demand Action’ fighting to reduce gun violence among kids

'Moms Demand Action' fighting to reduce gun violence among kids

Earlier this month, the mother of a 13-year-old was charged in connection to a shooting of two teens. ‘Moms Demand Action’ fighting to reduce gun violence Organization promotes gun safety Group hopes to keep guns out of kids’ hands There is an organization aimed at fighting to reduce gun violence and encourages all adults to store their guns properly to keep them out of the hands of children. Moms Demand Action is a national organization that has a local chapter here in Orlando. “Hiding under a drawer is not going to do it, and hiding it on a book shelf is not going to secure that weapon,” said Moms Demand Action Member Julie Gehring. Gehring says there are simple ways to secure a weapon. She says too often children get a hold of guns that are not secured. Having a gun safe is one of the options to secure a gun. “It’s an amazing way to store a gun, the guns with bio metrics. There are a lot of ways to store a gun as long as it’s locked and unloaded and stored separately,” said Gehring. Another cost effective way is buying a cable gun-lock. “It’s great if you do not have the resources of a fancy lock or fancy safe, but these work as well, as long as locked and ammo stored separately, it will keep our kids safe,” said Gehring. Gehring said their organization has a Be Smart program and online it has more information to properly […]

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