Monday’s letters: Gun control, racism, vaccine hesitancy, more

Monday's letters: Gun control, racism, vaccine hesitancy, more

Sarasota Herald-Tribune Voters have power to reduce gun deaths The gun massacres continue: eight killed in Atlanta, 10 in Colorado and four in California, all within two weeks! This is a killing epidemic that Congress has chosen to prolong for decades, even though most Americans favor protective laws. The Second Amendment, ratified in 1791, was modeled after a 1689 English common law to assure that a “militia” could be organized to fight against a dangerous monarch. Our dangerous “monarch” has become those we allow to purchase guns without background checks or registration. The weapons they use are far more lethal than anything our founders could have imagined. More than 38,000 people die annually from gun violence in this country. In 2019, the U.S. had nearly 100 times more gun deaths per capita than the U.K. We have far more deaths than other developed countries. Congress enacts protective laws for highway safety, food safety and drug safety – yet our gun policy dates back to 1791. The Brits no longer fear a monarch, but we fear shopping in a supermarket, sending our children to school or having fun at the fair. As part of gun reform, we can elect representatives who will enact gun safety laws. We have a choice. We have the power! Jon and Beverly Meyerson, Sarasota No racism in a world of many colors Is something wrong with me? I watch all of the major news channels every night, mostly to fall asleep. I see and hear […]

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