Monday’s letters: land conservation, gun show loophole, degrading songs, more

Monday's letters: land conservation, gun show loophole, degrading songs, more

Sarasota Herald-Tribune Kids urge adults: Save our land, water We are kids who love and care about nature. Have you heard about the Manatee County land acquisition referendum ? This referendum would add an additional 0.15 mill property tax that would be used to buy and conserve land. That’s about $29 per average home per year. The land that would be saved with this money would filter pollution, helping to keep the bay healthy. This land would also provide us with clean drinking water (let’s hope we don’t sacrifice that). Why is this important to us kids? It is important because our future depends on adults protecting the resources we will need. If you don’t protect land, then our future is bleak. And because in 40 years, we want to bring our kids here. We don’t want to show them a dirty polluted bay and land paved over, devoid of the beautiful forests and meadows that once covered it; we want to show them the wilderness, we want to show them the wondrous world of nature you adults have witnessed. If you want to help ensure that we have a future filled with the wonders of nature, vote for land and water in Manatee County. Florida Kids for Clean Water Vote ‘yes’ on Manatee conservation proposal On Nov. 3 we have a chance – perhaps the last one – to protect water, wildlife and natural habitats in Manatee County. County residents will vote in a referendum to establish dedicated […]

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