Monster Jam Removes All Gun Images, Gun Names from Monster Trucks

Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images When Monster Jam rolls into stadiums around the country this year, their monster trucks will be missing two things–gun images and gun names. Trucks like “Gunslinger” have had their names altered and their paint scheme redesigned so as to show slingshots instead of firearms. The Tampa Bay Times reports that Monster Jam is run by Feld Entertainment, which also runs Disney on Ice and other family-focused shows. Feld made the decision to adopt a more politically correct stance for Monster Jam, and that means images of guns and gun names are gone. This process of scrubbing all references to firearms has been quietly underway since 2017. For example, “The gun turret from Soldier Fortune was removed…and the Metal Mulisha monster truck was redesigned to remove the image of a gun.” Trucks like Grave Digger get to retain their name and design. This gives the impression that the idea of digging graves for people is totally acceptable, as long as guns are not shown or mentioned in the process. Feld Enterment released a statement pertaining to their decision to do away with gun images and names: “Monster Jam is a family-friendly brand with an international presence, and we are always innovating and evolving the intellectual property associated with our Monster Jam trucks. We represent over 50 different Monster Jam trucks and have a truck and design that is relatable to our wide range of fans and their interests.” The NRA-ILA seized on Feld Entertainment’s decision to remove […]

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