More Illinois counties pushing for ‘gun sanctuary’ status

More Illinois counties pushing for 'gun sanctuary' status

Rory Stephens, 13, of Shelbyville aims a gun a clay target in the background Tuesday at the Windsor Gun Club. More than a dozen Illinois county boards have passed resolutions declaring themselves ‘sanctuary counties’ for gun owners. WINDSOR — Shelby County may join more than a dozen other Illinois areas to symbolically pronounce itself a “gun sanctuary” in response to various firearm-restriction measures introduced since a series of mass shootings. A similar move by the Effingham County Board directing employees to stop enforcing state laws that “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment” gained national attention . "Our general assemblies are wanting to regulate, regulate, regulate," said Shelby County resident John Warren, a member of the Kaskaskia River Valley Friends of National Rifle Association, which raises money for shooting sports. Warren last month asked Shelby County Board members to consider the move because gun rights are such a critical importance to a large part of the county. It also has a significant participation in shooting sports and youth gun clubs, rivaled only by Effingham County, he said. The Democratic-controlled legislature in the session that ends Thursday has been considering legislation to put new age restrictions on certain weapons, ban bump stocks and limit the size of gun magazines. The House on Tuesday approved legislation creating rules to temporarily seize firearms from those threatening violence. GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner previously vetoed legislation that would have required more registration for gun shops. The focus comes amid a national debate related to large-scale shootings […]

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