More than 30 Wyoming legislators sign on to bill to repeal most gun-free zones, override local laws

The Wyoming Legislature is expected to convene in Cheyenne’s Jonah Business Center one more time in 2019 before the completion of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Wyoming Capitol. CHEYENNE — A new bill to override local gun control laws and allow Wyomingites to carry guns on school grounds and in other public places has been proposed with widespread support in both chambers of the Wyoming Legislature. The bill, Senate File 75, proposes to not only repeal most gun free zones across the state but would allow for the carry of concealed weapons anywhere in the state for permit holders. The bill would also clarify that only Wyoming Legislature may regulate firearms, weapons and ammunition, therefore overriding local ordinances. The most significant aspect of the bill might be its level of support. Nearly half of the Senate – 13 members – have signed on as co-sponsors, as well as 23 members of the 60-person House. According to the bill text, the legislation would preempt bans on firearms in all public schools – including on public university and college campuses – governmental meetings and athletic events, both college and professional. The bill would not, however, preempt private property rights, like in places of worship or in a big box store that chose to ban them as policy, nor would it impact any restrictions currently outlined in the state’s existing concealed carry law. The bill, said the bill’s primary sponsor, Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, was drafted in response to a number […]

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