Most locals say more restrictions won’t put brakes on gun violence

Most locals say more restrictions won't put brakes on gun violence

Grant D. Crawford | Daily Press A variety of handguns sit in the display case at Recoil Arms in Tahlequah. The conversation on firearms and gun control measures has long been at the forefront of American politics, and has resurfaced after a recent string of shootings around the country. Although 2020 went by with fewer mass shooting incidents, around 43,000 Americans were killed through gun violence. Of those deaths, around 19,000 were categorized as homicide, murder, unintentional, or defensive gun use, according to Gun Violence Archive – more than any in the six years prior. Those types of incidents are not as common for deputies with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, though. “We have very few actual violence calls where somebody has been shot or threatened with a firearm – maybe one every two months, sometimes more, sometimes less,” said Cherokee County Sheriff Jason Chennault. “Most of the firearms calls we respond [to] are reported by people who hear gunshots near their homes, and the shooting turns out to be somebody just shooting.” One recent mass shooting struck close to home for Cherokee County residents, when a gunman killed one man and five children at a home in Muskogee. The man – who was charged with six counts of first-degree murder, one count of shooting with intent to kill, and one count of possession of a firearm after a felony conviction – reportedly lived in the same home as the victims. Laura Kuester, director of Help In Crisis, said […]

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