'Mothers and others' call for gun law reform in Detroit

‘Mothers and others’ call for gun law reform in Detroit

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Detroit —With each new mass shooting, Karen Badynee-Kwolek feels less upset than she used to get, less upset than she feels she should be. She doesn’t want to. She knows each shooting comes at a great human cost. But it’s human nature, she said. "It’s like my brain can only take so much, like it’s protecting me," she said Sunday afternoon while sitting on a curb at Spirit Plaza in downtown Detroit. "When Columbine happened (in April 1999) I was paralyzed by it." That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want things to change, for the better and fast. Survivors, community leaders, and supporters of gun violence prevention hold a rally calling for the U.S. Senate to pass background checks and a "red flag" law on Sunday in Detroit. (Photo: Dave Reginek-Special to The Detroit News) Badynee-Kwolek, 62, of Commerce Township was one of hundreds who joined a rally Sunday near City Hall to fight for the passage of federal legislation for mandatory background checks before gun sales and a process to allow law enforcement to temporarily remove guns from homes of those who exhibit "red flags." She carried a hand-written sign of the Mother Jones mass shooting database, which tracks events from 1982-2019. One side of the sign lists the various shootings in black. In bright orange, she wrote: "The Second Amendment Does Not Support Gun Violence." The other side lists the number of shootings and the types of guns used in them. In big orange block letters, the sign […]

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