Muzzled by Iowa’s new gun law: Officials can’t reveal whether ARL shooter had a handgun permit

Muzzled by Iowa's new gun law: Officials can't reveal whether ARL shooter had a handgun permit

(Photo: Animal Rescue League of Iowa/Special to the Register) Iowa’s recently expanded gun law prohibits Polk County’s sheriff from revealing whether a man who accidentally shot and injured two people in Des Moines Sunday had a valid permit to carry the handgun. That man — Zakarey Gwinn, 27, of Grimes — was previously ordered when he was 14 to undergo counseling after he carried a revolver into a Grimes school, court records show. On Sunday, Gwinn was pulling something from his pocket when his handgun accidentally fired, the round ricocheting from the floor and hitting a 9-year-old girl and 62-year-old woman with shrapnel, Polk County Sheriff officials said. The two were treated and later released from a hospital. Gwinn cooperated with investigators. On Monday, Polk County officials said they did not plan to charge him with a crime, including " reckless use of a firearm ," after investigators determined the incident did not meet the criteria for such an offense. Polk County law enforcement told the Register they could not reveal whether Gwinn had a valid permit to carry the weapon, citing the law Iowa Republicans passed last year that dramatically enhanced Iowans’ ability to buy and use guns. “As of February of 2017, we can’t say whether someone has a permit to carry. We are handcuffed by that,” said Lt. Richard Blaylock, a public information officer for the Polk County Sheriff. That law, House File 517 , allows children to use handguns under adult supervision, expands existing "stand […]

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