‘My heart is heavy for Detroit’: City rallies against gun violence

'My heart is heavy for Detroit': City rallies against gun violence

Buy Photo Backed by a brigade of orange-clad supporters and activists, Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield led a rally against gun violence on Friday morning, sparking it off with cries of “We’re fired up! We’re fed up!” The rally started at the Spirit of Detroit statue outside City Hall and lasted more than an hour. It featured a performance from the Detroit Youth Choir, which covered the Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love?” and appearances from a range of faith leaders, gun safety advocates, and law enforcement representatives. The rally, Sheffield told the audience of perhaps 40, was meant both to commemorate the national kickoff of Gun Violence Awareness Month and to recognize Detroit’s own struggle with firearms. “Every time we lose a young person, the future of our city is jeopardized,” she explained. “Right now, I just want to shine a bright light on Detroit. A light of peace, of hope, of love, of encouragement and of healing.” More on Freep.com: Deputy Police Commander Todd Bettison was one of the speakers. He highlighted the city’s mental health crisis as a major cause of gun violence, but put most of his focus on drugs and alcohol. He said people who committed gun crimes often were “high on some type of substance but once it gets out of their system they’re remorseful. Drinking, drugs and firearms are a deadly cocktail. We have a responsibility to try to help people turn down instead of turning up.” Bettison […]

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