My Turn: Bill Welch: Gun control’s monumental failures

Feb 9, 2020 at 5:28 PM As they do every year, gun-control advocates are flooding the Rhode Island legislature with proposed laws they claim will reduce gun violence. But the fact is many of these laws have been enacted in other states — and utterly failed. Worse, they have actually created serious problems. In recent years, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey passed laws banning certain firearms, limiting ammunition capacity and establishing registration lists, among other restrictions. These same laws are being proposed for Rhode Island. Results have been disastrous. In Connecticut and New York, roughly 80% of firearms owners refused to comply with the laws. In New Jersey a statute requires all firearms’ magazines that hold more than 10 rounds be turned in to the police by Dec. 31, 2018. More than a year later, not a single “illegal” magazine has been surrendered to police by that state’s estimated 1 million firearms owners. Not one! If you doubt this, 15 minutes on the internet checking unbiased newspaper accounts will verify the massive failure of these laws. But the laws did “accomplish” a few things. The public’s huge noncompliance embarrassed legislators. The laws caused a rift between the public and police who have wisely refused to enforce the laws out of concern for sparking violence. Worst of all, the legislation created hundreds of thousands of felons when gun owners refused to obey. Clearly when laws are not followed, they can’t possibly be making anyone safer. Yet gun-control advocates — […]

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