N.J.’s already tough gun laws could soon become even more strict

N.J.'s already tough gun laws could soon become even more strict

A prototype of a smart gun that NJIT spent more than a decade developing. The gun uses sensors to measure a user’s hand grip so only authorized users can fire. The NJIT research has ended after running out of funding. (Courtesy of NJIT) New Jersey’s already tough gun laws are on the way to becoming even more strict. An Assembly panel on Thursday approved eight new gun control bills, including a controversial measure on smart guns — handguns that can only be fired by their designated owners. Other proposals would require all handgun ammunition sales to be recorded and compel many people with firearms in the state to undergo regular safety training. The bills cleared the Assembly Judiciary Committee with Democrats voting yes and Republicans voting no. “These new bills will ensure that law enforcement, state entities, and gun store owners will work together to reduce gun crimes and gun trafficking in our communities,” state Assemblyman Louis Greenwald, D-Camden, said. The smart gun bill ( A1016 ) would require Garden State retailers to have personalized handguns on their shelves for sales. New Jersey first tried to require this in 2002. But Democrats say that law — which requires that only personalized handguns be offered for sale in New Jersey three years after they’re on the market in the U.S. — actually stifled the development and delayed the sale of so-called childproof handguns. Smart gun debate reignites in N.J. with bill requiring gun shops to sell them Gun rights advocates […]

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