Nebraska reacts to President Biden’s executive orders on gun reform

Nebraska reacts to President Biden's executive orders on gun reform

OMAHA, Neb. — New executive orders from the White House aim to curb gun violence. Melody Vaccarro, the president of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence , said it’s about time. "It’s a breath of fresh air to see a policy maker in a high leadership role do something that matters," she said. Nebraska Firearms Owners Association leaders said the president is picking a fight with the wrong people. "The focus is on the wrong area. The focus needs to be on the criminal," said James Gottschalk, NFOA vice president. One order would regulate homemade "ghost" guns, which come from a 3D printer or a kit you can buy online. They don’t have a serial number and can’t be tracked. "Technology has changed, regulatory agencies haven’t," Vaccarro said. "They never track you down and say, ‘A ha! We have found you, you murderer because we tracked you through your Cabela’s receipt,’ it doesn’t happen," said Patricia Harrold, NFOA president. Vaccarro said she hopes Gov. Pete Ricketts will follow the president’s plan. Ricketts defended Second Amendment rights in the past and allowed gun rights advocates to bring assault weapons inside the state Capitol. But the new plan includes federal dollars for community programs. "It’s really hard for the governor to turn down federal money, so I think he will be incentivized to be a part of the solution," Vaccarro said. "When we look at executive actions and had they been in place prior to the most recent atrocities that are in the […]

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