Needles, CA Declares Itself A ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary City’

Needles, CA Declares Itself A 'Second Amendment Sanctuary City'

Stan Shebs/Wikimedia Commons The City of Needles, California, is not quite within a stone’s throw from Arizona and Nevada – but pretty close. And it’s only 100 miles south of Las Vegas—close by road, but maybe even closer in culture. In Nevada, several rural counties have said they will NOT enforce a new state law—which becomes active in January – for stricter background checks on guns. And in Needles on Tuesday, the city council unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the city to become a "Second Amendment Sanctuary City.” “What really spurred this and what got us up in arms – so to speak – about it was the new Prop 63 that went in effect in July, where we can’t buy ammunition in Arizona or Nevada. That means our residents have to go to Blythe – 100 miles away – or Barstow – 140 miles away – to buy ammunition,” Mayor Jeff Williams told KNPR’s State of Nevada. Under Prop 63, which was passed by voters, people wishing to buy ammunition must have a permit from the state of California. Williams admits the proclamation doesn’t have a lot of teeth but he’s hopeful that it gets a discussion going in Sacramento. “It’s going to be a battle but we’re hoping to get some other border cities with us,” he said. Besides the ammunition problem, Williams is unhappy that California doesn’t recognize concealed permits from other states, which means people living in Nevada and Arizona can’t bring their weapons […]

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