Nevada Democrats Split on Casino Gun Ban Enforcement Bill

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — An attempt to crack down on firearms in resorts and casinos is dividing Democrats in the Nevada statehouse, pitting gun violence prevention advocates against activists concerned about heavy-handed policing and racial profiling. A state Senate committee passed a measure Saturday to strengthen penalties and make it up to a gross misdemeanor to bring guns into certain resorts and casinos where they are prohibited. Under current law, if resort security confronts an armed person to tell them that firearms are not permitted on the premises and that person refuses to leave, they can call local law enforcement on them for trespassing. The policy would allow resort security to call law enforcement on visitors suspected of carrying the weapons in firearm-free zones to report trespassing without having to give them a verbal warning. Provisions would only apply to large resorts and casinos that choose to opt in and would require they post clear signs about where guns aren’t allowed both on their premises and on their websites. Sen. Melanie Scheible, a Las Vegas Democrat, said it made sense to enforce firearms bans in large casinos similar to how they are enforced in schools and public libraries given their importance to Nevada and its economy. “We should be paying special attention to the resorts, the casinos, the hotels, and all of the places that people come from all over the world to see, and ensure that they can be safe while they are there. We should be […]

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