Nevada Senate panel debates bill to ban ghost guns

This Nov. 27, 2019, file photo shows “ghost guns” on display at the headquarters of the San Francisco Police Department in San Francisco. Gun control legislation introduced at the Nevada Legislature calls for banning “ghost guns,” those untraceable firearms often built at home and without a serial number. CARSON CITY — Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui didn’t hold back when describing the importance of banning “ghost guns” in Nevada. “Ghost guns are growing in popularity because they circumvent background checks and they are untraceable,” said Jauregui, who sponsored a bill at the Nevada Legislature that would ban these homemade guns. Assembly Bill 286 would ban “ghost gun” firearms, which are often built at home through kits or through 3D printers and lack a serial number. It is a signature gun control measure for Democrats this session. And it’s even more personal for Jauregui, a survivor of the Oct. 1, 2017, mass shooting on the Strip. The bill previously passed the Assembly on a 26-16 vote. No vote was taken Tuesday when the bill was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Jauregui, in closing remarks, reiterated comments she made in previous hearings when advocating for the legislation — the bill won’t stop all tragedies, but like seat belt and mask laws, is geared to decrease them. “The point in all these measures, including Assembly Bill 286, is that it will stop some incidents, that it will save some lives,” Jauregui said. It’s difficult to correctly estimate the number of “ghost guns” currently […]

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