Nevada Senate passes casino gun ban bill by 1 vote

Nevada State Legislature Building CARSON CITY — Bills to further bolster mail-in voting, expand criminal penalties for individuals who bring firearms onto a gaming property, and allow resort workers who were laid-off during the pandemic to return to their jobs were passed through their chambers of origin in the Nevada Legislature on Wednesday. Lawmakers’ schedules have become increasingly packed as the session nears its end next week, and bills that have sometimes languished in the background of committees have begun to move through the legislative process. As an example of the sped-up timeline, Assembly Bill 321, which would make permanent many of the changes made to Nevada’s elections during the COVID-19 pandemic, was passed through the Assembly less than a day after passing through a committee. The bill would automatically send mail ballots to every active, registered voter in the state, extending measures originally passed by the Legislature in a 2020 special session meant to allow voters to cast their ballots safely during the pandemic. It’s been one of the most contentious measures between Democrats and Republicans this session, as Democrats argue ease of voting access is integral to elections while Republicans cite unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Assembly Minority Leader Robin Titus, R-Wellington, expressed those concerns in a floor statement. “Whether there was one fraudulent ballot or thousands it does not matter,” Titus said. “The trust in the system have been seriously questioned and I am concerned that this bill just furthers that […]

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