New Jersey’s Counterproductive Gun Laws

New Jersey's Counterproductive Gun Laws

Gun crime is up 36% in NJ over the past year. How could that possible be? After all, Governor Murphy and his band of techno ignorant gun hater Democrats passed a pile of new restrictions almost immediately after his inauguration. They’d like to blame it on Covid, the catch all excuse for the laundry list of failed legislation but that’s a big stretch for the imagination. My wife was a NJ Senior Probation Officer for almost 30 years. She routinely made weapons and drug searches in the homes of felons under house arrest, alone, unarmed, all 105 lbs. of her. Although she had her own firearms and was proficient in their use, people in her position are not allowed carry permits. If for some reason she could not make the appointment, it would be performed by the police, two of them, armed, ballistic vests, one in the car as backup. Why the discrimination? This is just one example of the thousands of asinine NJ gun laws concocted by ignorant (stupid would be a more accurate term) politicians. Concealed carry by permit or Constitutional right is available in 42 states and NJ, with some of the highest violent crime rate cities in the United States is not one of them. Armed car jackings are epidemic. In NJ police and a select few have concealed carry permits. Criminals have Constitutional carry and know their of risk of confrontation is low. NJ falsely states that gun crime is lower in the state, […]

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