New Mexico’s Unusual And Very Tight Rematch In The 2nd Congressional District

New Mexico's Unusual And Very Tight Rematch In The 2nd Congressional District

KRWG-TV presents this week’s KOB-TV debate between the candidates running in New Mexico’s Second District Congressional race on Thursday at 7 p.m. It’s the second battle between incumbent Democratic Congresswomen Xochitl Torres Small and former state legislator Yvette Herrell. Torres Small beat Herrell in 2018 by less than two percent, just a few thousand votes. And this year, a recent poll sponsored by the Albuquerque Journal found the race too close to call. A recent KOAT-TV debate may provide some answers as to why the race seems to be a repeat of 2018. Torres Small focuses largely on one message: bipartisanship. During the debate, the candidates asked each other one question. And Herrell seemed to try to court voters who support President Donald Trump. She noted that Torres Small’s ads mention a willingness to work with Trump. Then, Herrell noted that Torres Small voted to impeach Trump. But Torres Small said, you can be bipartisan and still hold people accountable. “Part of working together is being willing to respect enough to hold people accountable. It doesn’t mean being a pushover. It means standing up for New Mexicans. And that’s what I did when I felt that our national security was at risk, when there was a potential that the President was using his office for political gain and misusing military support to do so.” Herrell also asked Torres Small if she planned to vote for Vice President Joe Biden. Initially, Torres Small failed to answer. But later, in a […]

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