New Pal council considers town hall gun policy

NEW PALESTINE — Town officials are considering allowing employees to bring handguns into the workplace. The topic was discussed at the most recent council meeting when Bill Niemier, council president, brought up the idea during a look at the current employee handbook. He thinks it’s a good idea as long as the person wanting to bring in a weapon has a permit to carry and passes weapon safety training. Niemier, who is a lawyer, said he did some research on the issue and found some states prohibit employers from restricting weapons being brought into their workplaces by employees. Indiana law allows an employee who legally possesses a firearm to keep it in his or her vehicle at work, as long as it is locked in the trunk, kept in the glove compartment of the locked vehicle, or otherwise stored out of plain sight in the locked vehicle. “I think gun-free zones are targets,” Niemier said. “I think criminals who don’t follow laws or policies look for places that they can go to and use a weapon with the confidence there isn’t going to be any resistance.” Neimier would like the town’s employee handbook to add a section allowing for the carrying of a handgun, but only with safety and permit conditions. He noted there are just too many situations where officials have seen people with guns attacking unarmed citizens who have to wait until law enforcement arrives. “I don’t want town hall to be a gun-free target or a […]

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