No One Asked Me But… (June 30, 2021)

By DR. LARRY MOSES No one asked me but… I have a young man who mows my lawn. After completing his tasks, he often quizzes me on various political topics of the day. It is refreshing to see a bright young American displaying a knowledge of, and interest in, the issues confronting Americans today. The other day he asked me what I thought of “ranked choice voting” which is being championed in various states. Attempting to hide my ignorance of the process, I did what any good ex-social studies teacher would do, I had him explain it to me. I then diverted him to my pet reformation of the presidential election system by splitting a state’s electoral vote based on proportion of the vote received by each candidate. After finishing our discussion, I went to my computer to research “ranked choice voting.” According to Google, here is a quick explanation of the process: “Rather than picking just one candidate, the voters get to rank several in order of preference. If one candidate is the first choice of a majority of voters – more than 50%- he is elected just like a traditional election. If no one hits that mark, the ranked choice kicks in. Vote tabulation is done in rounds. In each round, the candidate in last place is eliminated. Votes cast for the eliminated candidate are then distributed to those voter’s second choice. This process continues until only two candidates are left and the one with the majority […]

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