North Minneapolis council members respond to Mayor Frey’s proposals on gun violence, policing

North Minneapolis council members respond to Mayor Frey's proposals on gun violence, policing

With gun violence in the spotlight, Frey on Monday shared a plan for community safety, police accountability and overtime funding for MPD. MINNEAPOLIS — After gun violence put a third child in the hospital in a matter of weeks, city council members representing north Minneapolis called a press conference to address the violence and respond to Mayor Frey’s community safety plan. Frey announced his proposals Monday in north Minneapolis. Several city council members attended Frey’s press conference, but Phillipe Cunningham of Ward 4 and Jeremiah Ellison of Ward 5 were absent. The two held their own press conference Tuesday to respond to the mayor’s proposals. Cunningham and Ellison were joined by northsiders impacted by gun violence. "We are talking about a crisis in our city," Ellison said of the three children who were shot and remain hospitalized. "We are talking about a crisis on the north side." You can watch the full press conference below. Ellison said there were "good things" about the mayor’s plan, especially those that involve community-based solutions. But he said council members and the community must be "at the table" when discussing such plans. Ellison also said that he wasn’t invited to Frey’s press conference. Cunningham also agreed that some of Frey’s proposals aligned with City Council ideas, but asked the mayor and police chief to get behind a plan already passed by the council. "If this were happening anywhere else in the city, the city would grind to a halt," Cunningham said. Asked about […]

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