NORTHRUP: Don’t Back ‘Gun Sanctuary’ Idea

To the Editor: Dear county board members, I am writing to oppose the proposed “gun sanctuary” initiative as being an ill-conceived abuse of the county’s legislative powers, a pointless political stunt and frankly, a bit silly. The United States is, by law, a “gun owner’s sanctuary.” The State of New York has jurisdiction over local gun laws, and no county, town, village or city can pass gun laws that would not be redundant to the state or conflict with state law without the state’s consent. Passing a “feel good” resolution in support of gun rights is one thing, if primarily partisan grand-standing, but declaring the county itself some sort of special jurisdiction would, at best, make the board look a bit foolish. My company has several patents that teach correct lead on moving targets and two patents on using Augmented Reality headsets on real moving targets for the military. I invented these shooting systems while learning to shoot skeet at the Coopers-town skeet range. In Otsego County, New York. Without the benefit or need of a “sanctuary” for myself or my gun, thanks very much. CHIP NORTHRUP Cooperstown

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