Not everyone equal under 2nd Amendment

Gun Rights

Philando Castile was a legal gun owner. In 2016, a Minnesota police officer pulled him over for a minor traffic violation. During this encounter, in order to avoid any misunderstanding, Castile informed the officer he was armed. The officer ended up shooting and killing Castile. The officer, Jeronimo Yanez, was tried and found not guilty of manslaughter. In the aftermath, the National Rifle Association was strangely silent about the death of a legal gun owner, finally issuing a tepid press release far out of character with the organization’s increasingly bellicose rhetoric. In this case, the gun owner was an African-American, which has led some to wonder if blacks, as a practical matter, enjoy the same Second Amendment protections as whites. In the past month, two more legally armed black men, one in Alabama, have been shot and killed by law enforcement after apparently being mistaken for the bad guy. Jemel Roberson was working security at a Robbins, Illinois, bar Nov. 11 when he was killed while holding at gunpoint a man involved in a shooting, according to The Associated Press. Emantic Bradford Jr. was shot and killed Thanksgiving night at the Riverchase Galleria shopping mall in Hoover. Some witnesses said Bradford was helping people get away from the scene of another shooting. Mall policy prohibits any weapons. An independent autopsy conducted at the behest of Bradford’s family found Bradford was shot in the back. Hoover police and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, which is investigating, have not yet released […]

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