NRA Bans Guns During Convention Speech By President, Vice President

Vice President Mike Pence will deliver the keynote address at the annual NRA convention in Dallas on Friday. Victims of the Florida high school shooting and their parents are criticizing the National Rifle Association after it announced gun advocates won’t be allowed to bring weapons to watch Vice President Mike Pence deliver the NRA-ILA’s leadership forum keynote address in Dallas on Friday. "Wait wait wait wait wait wait you’re telling me to make the VP safe there aren’t any weapons around but when it comes to children they want guns everywhere?," Matt Deitsch, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who helped organize the March For Our Lives protest, wrote on Twitter. "Can someone explain this to me? Because it sounds like the NRA wants to protect people who help them sell guns, not kids," he added. The national convention "brings together our nation’s top Second Amendment leaders […]

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