NRA Sends Letter Condemning Gun-Control "Extremists" to Parkland Dad Fred Guttenberg

NRA Sends Letter Condemning Gun-Control “Extremists” to Parkland Dad Fred Guttenberg

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Fred Guttenberg and his daughter, Jaime; a letter from the NRA sent to Guttenberg. "My daughter was the only one to lose freedom," Guttenberg responded on Twitter. Dear NRA #NAGS (National Association of Gun Sellers), When you send out letters, please make sure that you do not send them to victims of gun violence in the future. This was sent to my family, and we are non NRA #NAG members. My daugher was the only one to lose freedom. — Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) April 3, 2019 The letter was sent to promote the NRA’s 2019 National Gun Owner’s Action Survey. The questions are clearly framed to elicit positive responses about gun ownership. One makes an emotional appeal to a person’s right to defend his or her family ("Do you support laws that protect your fundamental right to use a firearm to defend yourself and your loved ones from a violent criminal attacker?"). Another evokes fear of the government taking away citizens’ guns ("Do you support mandatory gun registration that would force you to surrender your firearms to federal or state authorities if you refused to submit your private information to be tracked in a government database?"). The NRA’s shady tactics and endless politicking are a part of its ongoing strategy to whip up its membership roster and increase fundraising efforts. The New Yorker and other media outlets have reported that the organization is particularly focused on increasing its social media presence and online traffic. "The NRA is not […]

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