NRATV host Grant Stinchfield says participants in the DC Pride parade panicked "over nothing"

NRATV host Grant Stinchfield says participants in the DC Pride parade panicked “over nothing”

Gun Rights

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): How desperate and devious is The New York Times when it comes to attacking the Second Amendment? Apparently so desperate they now write about mass shootings that never happened. False alarms. The anti-gun opinionator Charles Blow actually wrote about young women marching in a parade in D.C. who frantically banged on his hotel door. They thought there was a shooting, there wasn’t. They were afraid, they didn’t need to be. So a false alarm gets top billing now in The New York Times . A false alarm, so panicked young women over nothing, is a story. Give me a break. It is meant to disparage anyone who believes in gun rights by insisting people are so afraid of a mass shooting happening that we have to do something. Even though everything they propose to do would actually donothing to stop the violence. … The reality is of course we must be prepared. But the chances of you becoming a victim of a mass shooting are slim to none. But we prepare because the chance of another mass shooting happening is certainly 100 percent. So instead of living in fear, as apparently these young women do, and I think they have been conditioned that way not from mass shooters but from the media and people like Charles Blow who purposely sensationalize, distort and deceive to push people into panic. It’s wrong and it’s harmful. In fact, like Blow, I feel for these young ladies who were so […]

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