Oct 5 Trump train stops in Huntington to let off steam

Long Islanders took to the streets to share their support for President Donald Trump. // Photo courtesy of Marjorie Rogers Hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters took to the streets of Huntington on Sunday, Sept. 27, to voice their support for his reelection campaign. A parade of supporters drove down Main Street, while participants on the side of the road expressed their support and others counterprotested. “This is the most important election in the entire history of this country,” said Thomas, a parade attendee who declined to give his last name. Thomas, 33, of Rocky Point, said he came to the Huntington rally to voice his support for Trump and patronize the local businesses, many of which are faced with major financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. He added that the biggest issue for him in the upcoming election is gun control. “I am a big Second Amendment supporter,” said Thomas, who identified himself as a “single-issue” voter. “I can’t vote for a liberal who wants to restrict our rights.” Attendees hung out of their cars and held flags supporting law enforcement, Trump and America as they paraded through the streets of Huntington. // Photo courtesy of Marjorie Rogers Thomas dismissed the counterprotests as insignificant to the overall event and the election. “The left doesn’t have a unifying message,” he said. “Do you see Biden parades?” Counterprotesters at the rally drove through with LGBTQ+ flags and Black Lives Matter banners on their cars. Others stood on the streets […]

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