Ohio gun advocates upset at Biden’s proposed gun control measures

Ohio gun advocates upset at Biden's proposed gun control measures

Tyler Hendricks has talked a lot of angry customers off the ledge in the last few days. The manager of Metal Gear Armory, a gun shop in Lancaster, says folks are responding to President Joe Biden’s proposed gun control measures in one of two ways. "We have a lot of people who talk very big — some claim they will be up in arms, literally. They feel like it would be a tyrannical step, too big of an infringement, so they would want to fight back I guess," he explained. "And other customers are like, ‘I guess I’ll have to comply because that’s the world we live in.’" Last week, on the heels of two mass shootings within a week of one another in Atlanta and Colorado , Biden announced that he would pursue executive action on two specific gun control measures. The president seeks to curb the sale of firearms assembled from DIY kits called "ghost guns" and require stabilizing braces — an accessory designed to improve a shooter’s accuracy that transforms a pistol into a gun something more akin to a rifle — be subject to stricter regulation under the National Firearms Act. Gun owners and advocates in central Ohio are increasingly frustrated, but not surprised, by Biden’s decision to pursue gun control measures that they say punish law-abiding citizens, while Statehouse legislators are split on how effective those measures will actually be. ‘Restricting our rights’ From the Metal Gear Armory gun shop in Lancaster to the […]

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