Ohio House Democrats look to implement background checks, repeal ‘stand your ground’ bill

Ohio House Democrats look to implement background checks, repeal 'stand your ground' bill

OHIO — House Democrats unveiled Monday what they call a "commonsense gun safety package" that will require background checks and repeal Ohio’s " stand your ground " bill that recently took effect. “Ohioans have spoken loudly and clearly that we need to do something to end gun violence. Democrats are listening to you, the people of Ohio who overwhelmingly support commonsense solutions to keep our kids and communities safe. In the 20 months since Dayton, shootings have gone up, not down. We need reform now to ensure the promise of safety and security for all Ohioans,” said Minority Leader Emilia Strong Sykes (D-Akron). The " stand your ground " bill, which was signed in December 2020 and took effect April 6, eliminated the state’s "duty to retreat" principle, meaning legal gun owners will no longer have to retreat from a situation before hurting or killing someone in self-defense. Democrats spoke out forcefully against the bill, claiming it allows the use of deadly force by individuals who believe their lives are endangered, no matter what the situation may be. “Shoot first is dangerous legislation that makes us all less safe This same law in other states has led to an increase in legally-justified killings of Black people and a double-digit increase in homicides. Ohioans came together and urged us to do something after the Dayton shooting. This is the furthest thing from doing something. In fact, it will lead to more — not less — gun violence,” said Rep. Thomas […]

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