Ohio set to become latest state with ‘Stand Your Ground’ gun law

Ohio set to become latest state with 'Stand Your Ground' gun law

Ohio set to become latest state with ‘Stand Your Ground’ gun law SOURCE: WLWT CINCINNATI — Tuesday will mark a major change in Ohio’s gun laws. "We were quite happy that the governor followed through on his campaign promises to enact, to remove the duty-to-retreat requirement in the self-defense law in Ohio," said Joe Eaton with Buckeye Firearms Association. In January, Gov. Mike DeWine made Ohio the latest state in the country to embrace a law commonly called ‘Stand Your Ground.’ The law takes effect Tuesday and means a person who’s legally carrying a firearm in public will no longer have to try to retreat from a threat before pulling the trigger. "You have to realize that the removal of duty-to-retreat really changes nothing else with the self-defense laws in Ohio," Eaton said. Eaton insists the state’s new stand your ground law does not mean someone can shoot first and ask questions later. "You have to first not have started the situation, not have escalated the situation," he said. "And secondly, you have to be in immediate fear of death or serious bodily harm and have no other option except for deadly force to survive that situation." That’s not the way Ethan Nichols, executive director of Ohio Students for Gun Legislation, sees the new law. "This isn’t a Second Amendment issue. I support the Second Amendment," Nichols said. "But this has nothing to do with that. Your ability to shoot someone without just, you know – randomly shoot someone […]

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