Ohio Stands United in support of 2A rights

Gun Rights

By Kelsey Kimbler – kkimbler@registerherald.com PREBLE COUNTY — In December, a Facebook group was created with the intention of organizing individuals in support of Second Amendment rights. Started by Michael Hiles — who is a native of Preble County — the group has recently grown to 48,827 members. From the Facebook group, different counties are organizing and scheduling meetings, in hopes of getting resolutions passed by their county commissioners which declare their opposition to any restrictions to the Second Amendment. Recently, Clermont County became the second county in Ohio to pass such a resolution, with Meigs County being the first. Other counties — including Preble County — are actively meeting to discuss the potential resolution. According to Hiles, Ohio Stands United is a network of dedicated Ohioans working together to send a message to lawmakers. The group is a direct answer to “red flag laws” that are being passed by other states. “[This] is a form of legislation that is being promoted by anti-firearm interests to suspend a gun owners, firearm owners, and citizens due process and seize their firearms with dynamic explosive entry SWAT teams, which is, once again, repugnant to the constitution, no matter if you like guns or not,” he said. “Seeing what’s happening in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky — and it’s already been passed in Indiana quietly — it really motivated me as an experienced political organizer, as a digital marketing guy, and as a software, data, and analytic scientist to leverage my skill sets.” […]

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